Commonly Asked Questions

What do we mean by "custom made" ski boots

DaleBoot has always been defined by our shells.We believe that properly fitted ski boots are by far your most important gear, yes, even more than your choice of skis. Instead of purchasing shells from manufacturers and fitting boots like other ski shops, we make our own. Each shell is made to order, in house, on a person to person basis. From there we add a custom-fitted footbed, an adjustable insole (a DaleBoot exclusive), and a specially contoured intuition or zipfit liner, all of which results in a ski boot designed specifically for you – comfortable and high performing, while eliminating the chance of an off-the-shelf boot-related injury.

why we dont provide prices for our ski boots

Unlike off-the-shelf ski boots from other manufacturers, all DaleBoot ski boots are custom made, designed and fitted for optimal comfort and performance for each customer. Thus, DaleBoot prices can vary, as each shell offers a wide variety of options.

Why do our boots only have three buckles?

The way we customize each shell to each individuals measurements, and the design of our 3-piece tongue system, makes using a fourth buckle unnecessary.

What is the largest ski boots we can make?

Our largest size is a 32, which is equivalent to a men’s US size 15.

How long does shipping take?

Domestic shipping typically takes 5-7 business days

Other questions?