The VFF Pro

The VFF PRO is the preferred boot of top-of-the-line pro skiers including Wiley Miller, two time Olympian Darian Stevens, plus thousands of skiers who demand the best. The VFF PRO is designed for skiers who desire a more upright, stiffer boot. The 10 to 18° flex pattern can be finely tuned to obtain the optimal level for each skier. The independent flex pattern design allows for progressive forward flexion, while providing an unrivaled lateral stiffness for enhanced power transfer to the edge of a race ski to the widest ‘fat boy’. The overlapping spat system maintains the shell’s integrity through all aspects of the turn and the wrap around cuff allows the skier to very easily enter & exit the boot.  All DaleBoot VFF and Gambit models come standard with Intuition Liners, in-boot stance balancing in both the frontal (lateral) and sagittal (fore & aft) planes of motion and on-ski cant correction through DaleBoot’s replaceable and cantable soles. DaleBoot utilizes virgin polyether TPU in the construction of all boots, resulting in a very light, but durable shell that maintains modifications for the life of the shell.